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42nd Highlander, Napoleonic Wars, #4, 54mm Metal


British Line Infantry, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Scale Metal


Scottish Flag-bearer, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


HAT#9323 Napoleonic PRUSSIAN Landwehr (Marching) Toy Soldiers,(54MM) 18 figures


German Line, Advancing, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


HAT#9325 Napoleonic PRUSSIAN Landwehr (Command) Toy Soldiers,(54MM) 18 figures


42nd Highlander, Napoleonic Wars, #3, 54mm Metal


British Line, Firing, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


French Line With Bicorne Hat, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


Reeves, SIDE DRUM, Napoleonic Musical Band #5 1804-1812 1/32 (54mm)


Lot 2 Unpainted 54 MM Metal Figures-1 ACW Confederate & 1 Napoleonic Wars French


British Line, Advancing, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting




saint petersburg russia 54mm napoleonic russian imperial cuirassier mtd ooprare


Retired Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoons #6862 - mint sealed box - 54mm


Toy Soldiers 8 Plastic 54mm Napoleonic Prussians


Soldiers of the World Napoleonic British 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers 54mm lead WA


Timpo 54mm Light Blue British Napoleonics (18) in 8 poses


A Call To Arms 1/32 54mm Napoleonic Dutch Infantry


Armies In Plastic Napoleonic Prussian Militia Waterloo 1815 #5520 54mm 20 Fig


TIMPO Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Toy Soldiers (54MM) 16 in 8 poses - Grey


French Soldier, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


NEW HOPE OSPREY Miniature Metal Figures Napoleonic Soldier Officer 54mm Britains


A Call To Arms, Napoleonic Wars British Foot Guards (54MM) Special Red Color.


Armies in Plastic 1/32 54mm Box# 5434 Napoleonic Kings German Horse Artillery


French Foot Dragoon, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


54mm, Hand-Painted, Metal Soldier - Napoleonic French Guard Chasseur Cavalry




Scottish Napoleonic Wars, #3, 54mm Metal Casting


Jean Hoefler 8 Mounted Napoleonic Prussian Cavalry - 54mm plastic toy soldiers




Reeves Napoleonic Band:    Base Drum Major,   metal 54mm  with box  


HAT#9321 Napoleonic RUSSIAN Musketeers (Action) Toy Soldiers,(54MM) 18 figures


Reeves International, French Napoleonic Marching Band lot of 30 lead 54mm, TD


Soldiers of the World 10 Napoleonic British foot infantry, 54mm metal Trophy WA


HAT#9305 Napoleonic French Light Command Toy Soldiers, (54MM) 18 figures


New Hope 22nd Light Dragoon 1807 British 54mm Painted Napoleonics


Historex 54mm 1/32 Napoleonic Tambour Maitre


Russian Line, Napoleonic Wars, 54mm Metal Casting


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